We are a team that works to meet the challenges driven by our association: make Chilean wine a pride for the country, which is appreciated for its quality, diversity, innovation and representativeness in Chile and the world.

Claudio Cilveti

General Manager

Commercial engineer with experience in commercial areas, Marketing and exports of Chilean and Argentinian wines. With experience in the implementation of transversal business strategies between the different areas of the company, in the creation of leading brands such as lame and Viña Tarapacá missions. Knowledge of the wine industry and its markets.

Its favorite vines: Carmenère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc....

Life is too short to take bad wine...

Angélica Valenzuela

Commercial Director Wines of Chile

In 25 years of career has served as Marketing manager in leading companies in consumer products and retail, with extensive experience in implementation of business strategies and leadership of Multifunctional projects. As commercial director of Vinos de Chile, he took on the responsibility of leading all the topics related to the commercial and marketing area of the association.

Claudia Soler

Planning and development manager

María José Araneda

Fairs and Brazil

Julio Alonso

Wines of Chile Asia Director

Anita Jackson

Wines of Chile UK Director

Merybeth Bentwood


Patricio Parra

Innovation and development manager

Alyson Silva