Carmenere Promotion

Date: 1 de November 2018
Place: NY / NJ / DC / BOS / TEX
Description: The activity will be done in NY / NJ / DC / BOS / TEX.

This activity seeks to give relevance to this variety in the month of its re-discovery. It is an activity that has been carried out a couple of years ago, in social networks with great success. This year we will try to give it a greater importance and make the activity with a greater scope. Unlike 2017, it will be for a month and includes sales promotion in a digital medium. The promotion includes: 1. A partnership with Vinepair, the main online site with focus on millennial, and involves encouraging consumers to share their experiences with Carmenere (photos, pairings, stories among others). 2. Realization of virtual tastings with winemakers which will be promoted weekly via the internet. 3. Conducting a Kaiuku contest, rewarding the consumer to make the best poem. 4. Store promotion of retailers that are working with Drizzler. 5. In order to achieve greater amplification, press releases will be issued and columns will be made about the differentiating aspects of the variety on the website. The activity will be done in NY / NJ / DC / BOS / TEX. KPI: media coverage.