Wines of Chile organized a successful round of meetings with trade and tastings in Canada

A successful stay was held by Wines of Chile in Canada last week, Mario Pablo Silva, Angelica Valenzuela and Claudia Soler, where they lead activities in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. To present the 2025 Strategy and its specific downturn, they held various meetings in both cities:

In Toronto in the LCBO head quarters, with its President George Soleas, Carolyn O'Grady VP, the Chief of staff, Aaron Campbell, and a meeting with the agents in Toronto.

In Montreal they had a very positive meeting in the SAQ with their President Alain Brunet, Pierre Dorval and Stephane Denis, they also met during the tasting with Francois Primeau and Pierre Lauzon also from the SAQ and a lunch with some agents.

Toronto tasting focuses on the loyalty of the trade, specialized press and final consumer had a significant participation, Ontario represents 44% of the value and volume sold of Chile in Canada, and has shown a sustained growth in recent years.

The program consisted of two educational seminars conducted by the journalist and sommelier Patricio Tapia, as well as a trade tasting that had a participation of more than 300 attendees and a consumer tasting which also had a participation of more than 300 people.

In total there were 27 participating vineyards: Anakena, Aresti, Arboleda, Caliterra, Carmen, Casas del Bosque, Silva House, Concha y Toro, Emiliana, Errazuriz, I Wines, Indómita, Montes, MontGras, Morandé, Palo Alto, Pérez Cruz, San Esteban, San Pedro, Santa Alicia, Santa Carolina, Santa Ema, Santa Rita, Siegel, Valdivieso, Ventisquero and Veramonte.

The Mercury restaurant in the city of Montreal was chosen to carry out a new wine tasting for 148 sommeliers, specialized press, gastronomic entrepreneurs and traders, among which important purchasing decision makers and SAQ product consultants participated.

The objective of this event was to inform the trade about the diversity of the offer of Chilean wines to generate future listings.

A total of 9 vineyards participated with a total of 56 different wines, in addition to a special participation of ProChile, who were representing Chilean olive oil producers.