The wide variety of flavors that gives the fruit of our land. Strains and best pairings.

Often written plain Semillon in non- francophone countries, a Golden grape variety from south west France , is one of the unsung héroes of the white  wine production. Blended with  its traditional partner Sauvignon Blanc, to which  it seems to be closely  related (Underripe semillon  can taste remarkably  like Sauvignon Blanc). This Golden-, sometime copper berried vine variety is the key ingredient in Sauterne. As a vine, Semillon is  easy to cultivate. It is almost as vigorouse as Sauvignon Blanc with particulary deep Green leaves, but flowers slighthly later  and is not particulary susceptible to coulure. Nor is it cvictime of disease, apart from rot , wich, in favourable conditions, is the blessed Noble Rot rather tan the destructive grey Rot.


 Food matches for Semillon include:

  • Seared white fish with hollandaise sauce (dry)

Fresh crab, sashimi or  sea food salad. (dry)