The wide variety of flavors that gives the fruit of our land. Strains and best pairings.

Known as Carignane in the US, Carignano in Italy and Mazuelo and  Cariñena in Spain, late ripening black  grape variety which was once so widely planted  in Languedoc – Rousillon. 
Nowadays Craignan seems a very  odd choice, in much of southern france its wine is high in everything – acidity, tannins, colours, bitterness – but finesse and charm. This give the doublé inconvinience of being unsuitable for early consumption yet unworthy of maturation. It is mainly grown in bush vines, it also buds and ripens late.

Food matches for Carignan include:
•    Spicy lamb meatballs
•    Eggplant lasagne

Hectares in Chile: 722