News - Sustainability
With the purpose of commemorating the eight years of operation and the 100,000 workers assessed to date by the national system of certification of labor competencies, the Last 30th of January an event was held, attended by the highest representatives of the Workers Central Unit,  Production and Trade Confederacy, Training and Employment service, SENCE, (...)
Last week, a new vineyard obtained the certification of the sustainability Code of the Chilean wine industry, reaching the important figure of 70 vineyards certified. This represents a new milestone and reaffirms the commitment of the wine sector to sustainability. Additionally, the code was highlighted as a successful case in the publication of ProChile (...)
Wine expert John Szabo MS analized the concept of sustainability and the Chilean positioning on the worldwide wine scenario.
Chile was highlighted as the major producer of sustainable wines of the world.
The UK has accounted for a major share of the world’s wine imports for centuries, and wine currently accounts for more than one-third of UK alcohol consumption. Its withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) therefore will affect not only UK wine consumers, producers, traders, distributors and retailers but also suppliers of those imports. A model of t (...)
A few weeks ago I received a copy of “Vertical” in the mail, Rex Pickett’s sequel to his famous novel, “Sideways.”  Given my love of the movie, I gobbled the book up.  I noticed it was published in 2011, but the copy I was sent said it was re-published in 2016.  Odd.  I reached out to Pickett via Twitter to inquire, and he actua (...)
A roundtable, convened by the Wines of Chile Association, surveyed the hectares of vineyards burned by the fires throughout the country, which account for 94 hectares of Vitis vinifera out of a total of 141,000 nationwide. The loss of hectares so far has been concentrated in vineyards of small producers in areas near hills and forests, several of them with w (...)
Wines of Chile is now focusing on its 2025 strategy, and looking towards the challenges and opportunities in the coming decade. Together with Pro Chile and Fundación Imagen País, Wines of Chile presented the 2025 strategy in Santiago, Chile, last week.
Chile may be the 4th biggest exporter of bottled wine, and is the biggest in the New World, but agricultural movement to different production areas and climates are a challenge. So the wine industry is working on a new strategy to best manage the new wine frontiers and the commercial gaps of the wineries.