Phone: 32-260 9100
Address: Ruta 68 Km 62,5, La Vinilla Norte, Casablanca, Chile
Viña Quintay is a boutique & premium winery situated in the valley of Casablanca which is regarded as Chile’s quintessential cool-climate region for wines of great elegance. The winery was established in 2005 by producers with a passion for the Casablanca Valley and its wines, all local business men who shared the common objective of drawing upon the obvious winemaking potential found in Chile’s principle cool-climate valley. The philosophy of Quintay is to understand each of the varieties and assure that what is produced faithfully reflects the terroir from which each wine comes. Quintay has access to more than 600 hectares in the Casablanca Valley all offering a unique combination of soils, altitudes, temperatures and clones which are put into use through the microvinification practiced at the winery. The vineyards are managed in a way that is environmentally friendly and avoiding intervention thereby extracting their full potential naturally.