Chile is officially big in Japan! We aren't talking about a pop song or celebrity, but rather Chilean wine - which is now the number 1 seller in Japan, overtaking the French wine for the first time.
As Casablanca celebrated Sauvignon Blanc in a beach-front event, we take a look at some delicious Sauvignon Blanc pairings!
Wines of Chile have been invited to the Vancouver TED Conference 2016 to take an interactive workshop on the country's wine industry and innovative, sustainable practices.
Seminario realizado por Kathy Cannon (Director, Vintages), Courtney Dawson (Product Manager, New World Wines) y Linda Strysio (Inventory Manager, New World & Ontario Wines) de LCBO. Durante su visita en Chile dictaron el seminario ¨Doing business with the LCBO from an Inventory standpoint¨ el día martes 5 de Enero en el hotel Renaissance, Santiago de Chile.
Wine Advocate writer Luis Gutierrez reports on his trip to Chile, 'Thinking outside the Box'.
After a three days tasting over 500 Chilean wines in China, the panel of Asian and International experts selected the winning wines – and the Annual Wines of Chile Awards 2015 were announced last night in Shanghai!
Take a look at the winning wines from the Annual Wines of Chile Awards!
This week it was announced that Chile has taken home two of the most prestigious wine awards – for innovative winemaker Aurelio Montes, and for historic winery Santa Carolina – at the Wine Star Awards by Wine Enthusiast magazine. Chilean winery, Santa Carolina, was selected as Best New World Winery. The enormous privilege comes to Santa Carolina, (...)
A video recap of the Annual Wines of Chile Awards in China.
A video recap of the Annual Wines of Chile Awards in China.
Wines of Chile USA Executive Director Marybeth Bentwood was recently recognised as a top woman in the industry by TFS Magazine.
As a homage to Chilean wine, and a recognition of the importance of the industry in the country, 17 viticulture associations worked together to establish the official Chilean National Wine Day
This year’s Annual Assembly started with the signing of a contract between Wines of Chile and Fundacion Imagin Pais to continue working together to promote Chile’s culture and share its wine around the globe. With this in mind, the rest of the Assembly reflected on Chile’s past year in the industry and looked towards the years to come.
In order to celebrate the rediscovery of Carmenere 20 years ago, Wines of Chile launched #CarmenereDay on 24 November. Wines of Chile’s #CarmenereDay included a Twitter chat, as well as the participation of Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer and various wine and lifestyle bloggers, who participated in order to heighten awareness and motivate interaction. W (...)
Since the beginning of the 80s up till today, the surface area of fruit plantations in Chile has tripled from 100,000 hectares to 300,000, and the growing momentum of production has become a strength in exports. There are many elements that have been part of the transformation of this sector, changing the national agriculture.
The three day event in Sao Paolo is always a key activity for the Chilean wine industry, which is Brazil’s biggest importer of wine, with a 40% share of this valuable market.