Wines of Chile's General Director Claudio Cilveti has been working at reaching a free trade agreement with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.
Chilean wines were poured overlooking the Copacabana beach in one of Brazil's most important cultural cities, Rio de Janeiro, last month in a successful trade tasting organised by Wines of Chile.
This year's Mercado Chileno was a blazing success in the heart of London showcasing Chilean wine and culture to one of the world's greatest cities.
Pais means both ‘country’ in Spanish, and is the name of one of our national wine varieties - the Pais grape. As we celebrate this season's national festivities - and our independence day - we suggest raising a glass with Pais!
Chile Week China was a big event this year promoting Chilean industry and wine in one of the fastest growing wine markets in the world, here's our roundup of the events.
As we celebrated 500 years of wine in Chile on our National Chilean Wine Day, more than 1,900 people participated in this event.
If you are a Whole Foods fan, and can't get enough of Chilean wine, you are in luck! For the next month, Wines of Chile and Whole Foods have teamed up to bring you the best of both.
For the first time in recent history, Chile has been featured on the front page of one of Eastern Canada's top wine publication, Vintages.
There's a great excuse to drink Chilean wine this September as we celebrate National Wine Day and attempt to break a world record for the longest ever line of clinking glasses!
Chile's Cabernet Sauvignon took home the lion's share of the awards at The Drinks Business magazine's Cabernet Sauvignon Masters 2016.
Reporting on western Canada’s latest wine trends and Chile’s position within the market was Western Canada’s Wines of Chile representative Alana Dickson at last week’s Annual Summit.
Reporting on both Ontario and Quebec, Eastern Canada’s Wines of Chile representative Ted Kalaboukis reported on the situation in the market at the Annual Summit last week.
Reporting on Brazil, one of Chile’s top three markets, Alessandra Cassolato from Wines of Chile Brazil presented an update on the market at the Annual Wines of Chile summit last week.
Asia is Chile’s fastest growing market, and at last week’s Annual Summit, Director of Wines of Chile Asia, Julio Alonso, presented the latest news from the market.
At last week’s Annual Summit, Director of Wines of Chile USA Marybeth Bentwood presented all the latest in the US market which is still Chile’s biggest market, however she suggested this might not last!
In the 2016 Annual Summit, Wines of Chile Commercial Director, Angelica Valenzuela kicked off the conference with an overview of where Chile is in the industry today and where it is going with the 2025 Strategy.