Chilean Sommelier Marcelo Pino finished in the top 25 at the Concours Meullieur Sommelier du Monde
Chile is a 'top Pinot performer' in the Drinks Business magazine's annual Pinot Noir Masters tasting competition, proving that winemakers are still on top of their game with this cherished Burgundian variety.
Chile's Sauvignon Blanc was a leading light in the world competition for the variety, held in Spain in March.
As the final grape harvests come in, we recap the celebrations around the country so you can plan your next visit here to enjoy Chile's harvest in person!
This year 50 Chilean wineries are going to be showing their new wines in the Asian market, as China becomes the second most important market for wine exports.
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Chilean sommelier is on his way to represent the country and try to win the World's Best Sommelier title
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Angelica comes with a 25 year career as Marketing Director of various leading retail companies, and great experience in implementing commercial strategies and multi-functional projects.
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At this year's Prowein, visitors enjoyed a special seminar 'Discover the New Chile'
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Our wine valleys are bursting with harvest activity and this is one of the best times to come and visit Chile's wine lands and enjoy all the action!
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