Wine expert John Szabo MS analized the concept of sustainability and the Chilean positioning on the worldwide wine scenario.
Chile was highlighted as the major producer of sustainable wines of the world.
Wines of Chile made a new edition of Magical Mystery Tour 2018 on Easter Island, with the presence of renown chinese personalities, where 29 vineyards participated and more than 190 wines were tasted.
To raise awareness of the new developments and aspects of innovation in the national industry, to educate about the differentiation aspects of our sector and to contribute to the development of new Ambassadors of the category, wines of Chile invited to our country five important sommeliers and buyers from the United Kingdom. These sommeliers, who were fro (...)
The Chilean Wine Directory made a luncheon of recognition to Mr. René Araneda, director of the association who leaves his post after more than 10 years, period in which he was also president of our institution Between the years 2011 and 2015. In addition, he was the forerunner of countless projects such as: • Defense of wine in tax reform • Win th (...)
With the aim of initiating a strategic alliance with two of the most prestigious restaurants of Latin America, to continue showing to the world the benefits of our wines, during last week, wines of Chile, sponsored the Ngelemen gastronomic activity, which counted with the participation of the renowned chefs Rodolfo Guzmán (Boragó, Chile) and Virgilio Mart (...)
Last 11th of January a new executive committee meeting of the Chile Wine Tourism program was held. The meeting, which was organized by the consortium I D Vinos de Chile, counted on the participation of representatives of wines from Chile, wine routes, CORFO, SERNATUR FEDETUR and INACAP, among others. On the occasion, Alicia Ortiz Olivares was selected as (...)
Earlier this month, was published in the Official Journal the resolution amending law 20,920, through a supreme decree which establishes the goals of collection, valuation and other associated obligations of packaging and packaging, Added to the regulation of the system of deposit and reimbursement of returnable beverages of a single use, through the promoti (...)
Consortium I D has been ratified in its role as managing entity of the Strategic program Mesoregional: "Sustainable wine tourism in the Central zone".   The goal of this plan is to work on the development and integral strengthening of Chilean wine tourism, through the promotion of the sector at national and international level, through an attracti (...)
Last Wednesday, Wines of Chile (WOC) presented an analysis of the markets focus in Asia and the plan of activities for the 2018 in that region, before an important group of Export managers belonging to outstanding national vineyards.   In the meeting it analyzed the sustained growth that has experienced China, where to October 2017 Chile's wines h (...)
Atechnical visit to the United States last week carried out two professionals from the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG) with Alejandra Soto, head of the Vineyard Improvement Program of the Consortium I D. The main objective was to visit the Foundation plant Service (FPS) facilities and hold meetings with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to star (...)
A good international showcase had the sustainability code of the Chilean wine industry, within the framework of the "Trade and sustainable Development Symposium" organized last Monday in Buenos Aires by ECLAC, together with the international Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), a Swiss-based institution.   As a result of an invita (...)
With the objective of being able to know the international tendencies and the profile of the American consumer, Wines of Chile made last week the seminar "US Fine Wine Pinot", which was led by two referents and KOL of the industry of the United States, Rajat Parr and Elaine Chukan Brown.   At the event, 10 successful American Pinot noirs were tast (...)
After a visit he made in the year 2016, where he was surprised by the diversity, quality and innovation of the national industry, Tim Atkin, author of prestigious books and a benchmark of the world wine industry, is in the country with the objective of CA Tar more than 1,200 wines.   The expert who defined our sector as "a success story in South A (...)
During this month, certificate-wine is closing the project of Evaluation and Labor certification 2017, which has allowed to certify 374 workers with a total of 722 units of Labor Competency (UCL), 228 of which correspond to the region of O ´ Higgins and 146 to the Metropolitan.   On the other hand, Otic Chile Wines is in full development of a new (...)
In 2015 the Wines of Chile I + D Consortium certified its project "Wines I + D Consortium: Increase of the competitiveness of the industry by improving the sustainability and quality of the vineyard", under the Tax Incentive Law 20.241, for an amount of $ 3,871,870,985, benefiting 54 partner vineyards that decided to participate in the process. Last week (...)