Wines of Chile I + D Consortium begins the process of surrender for the R & D law

In 2015 the Wines of Chile I + D Consortium certified its project "Wines I + D Consortium: Increase of the competitiveness of the industry by improving the sustainability and quality of the vineyard", under the Tax Incentive Law 20.241, for an amount of $ 3,871,870,985, benefiting 54 partner vineyards that decided to participate in the process.

Last week began the third year of financial control, a process in which the contributions of our certified partners must be submitted to CORFO. The vineyards with certified amounts received the request for information to start the process of systematization and surrender.

 What is this benefit?

The I + D Law aims to contribute to improving the competitive capacity of Chilean companies, through a tax incentive for investment in I + D, which allows these entities to reduce through first category taxes, 35% of the resources destined to research and development activities. This amount may increase, if the HRs involved in the research and monitoring activities are considered.