Important step for the Foundation Plant Service recognition

Atechnical visit to the United States last week carried out two professionals from the Livestock Agricultural Service (SAG) with Alejandra Soto, head of the Vineyard Improvement Program of the Consortium I D. The main objective was to visit the Foundation plant Service (FPS) facilities and hold meetings with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to start a formal process, driven by the consortium, with the aim of obtaining the recognition of this important center and facilitating the importation of plant material To Chile.

In the opportunity, the group also visited a nursery and a grape producer in the Napa Valley, to understand how the plant production process works, the certification of the material, its reproduction, the necessary quality controls and finally its use by The producers. The visit was rated as successful by the participants, due to the information collected and to the willingness of all parties to initiate the formal recognition of the FPS by SAG.