Directory of Wines of Chile announces the structure of quotas of Wines of Chile and the internal market campaign

Last Thursday, November 30th at the San Cristobal of Vitacura Polo Club, Wines of Chile called its partners to a end-of-year meeting, where the new  WoC quota structure was announced, among with the national market quota campaign reduction. Given the concern presented at the April Assembly, a quota committee was set up to work on the development of a proposal in this matter.

With the presence of more than 70 representatives of the vineyards, it was announced that the new format of fixed fee will allow:

• Lower the total share of small and medium-sized vines

• Increase the variable component of the Wines of Chile quotas, thanks to a higher operation efficiency.

• A greater incorporation of new vineyards, which represent even more the diversity of the sector.

• Have a more transparent and sustainable quota calculation mechanism.

Additionally, it was announced that by 2018 it’s proposed to make a reduction of the quotas for the national market company (partners Vinos de Chile). This could be possible due to the budget reduction, concentrating on Nielsen Studies, social networks and a broad plan of promotion at a local level that allows the participation of the vineyards at a lower cost.