The certificate-Wine Center is completing its project of Evaluation and Labor certification 2017

During this month, certificate-wine is closing the project of Evaluation and Labor certification 2017, which has allowed to certify 374 workers with a total of 722 units of Labor Competency (UCL), 228 of which correspond to the region of O ´ Higgins and 146 to the Metropolitan.

On the other hand, Otic Chile Wines is in full development of a new social scholarships project, for a total of 221 workers from the sixth, seventh and metropolitan regions, who may certify in wine and transversal profiles.

Important to note that until the 30th of December the companies can transfer to Otic Chile Wines, the funds corresponding to 1% of the taxable income 2017. Under, in this way, to the tax sales that will allow them to use these resources in training and/or labor certification of their workers.