Wines of Chile meets with European peers to evaluate effects of Brexit on local industry

Federico Mekis, legal advisor of Wines of Chile, held a series of meetings in London with the lawyer Gary Horlick and with the Wine Importers Association of the UK (WSTA), to later move to Brussels where he met with CEEV, an entity that groups European associations of wine producing countries.

The objective of this series of meetings was to obtain an overview of the possible scenarios of commercialization and imports of Chilean wine, once the Brexit begins to govern. Among the topics addressed were the uncertainty of the effects of Brexit, the possible extension of 2 years or even 3 years (March 2021 or March 2022) because of EU negotiations with the UK, which is the most likely scenario.

On the other hand, the EU wants to negotiate a wine agreement with the UK, at the end of the transition. Text that the UK will probably use to negotiate with Chile. It is key that the UK Parliament enact a law granting special powers, so that the government can negotiate free trade agreements.

At the same time, it was concluded that intellectual property issues are very important, while a Brexit with a difficult ending, that is without agreement to March 30, 2019, would be very complex for all.