Successful 90+ event shows in China the excellence and quality of Chilean wines

Shanghai and Beijing were the host cities of the 90+ event, where 40 Chilean wineries had the opportunity to show the trade, press and specialized consumers their best wines, all awarded with a rank of 90 points or more, or gold medals in certain national and international competitions of high prestige.

The event was composed of three phases: 90+ Symposium, where the experts Tim Atkin, Fongyee Walker and Lu Yang, held a masterclass where they exhibited the characteristics and wines of the Costa, Entrecordilleras and Andes zones, and their impressions on the evolution and refinement of the Chilean wine industry; 90+ Hall, where the trade and consumers had the opportunity to interact with owners, winemakers and representatives of the 40 wineries that were present at this event and 90+ Media Dinner, where our wines were exposed and paired with journalists and specialized writers.

The event had excellent call and a very high coverage in media and social networks exceeding the ambitious objectives previously set.