Vinolia: the adventure of wines

A new way to learn about the best of Chilean wine through sensations, images, and sounds—all in a single place.

Located in the heart of the Alonso de Córdova neighborhood, Vinolia offers its visitors a unique sensorial experience that begins with a Snensation Exploration Room with more than 48 aromas found in Chilean wines. The hour-long experience continues in the theater, where the visitors enjoy a virtual flight over the vineyards and learn about the valleys and their wines in detail. They then participate in a tasting led by the winemakers responsible for each wine and who explain the winemaking process and characteristics of each wine as it is tasted.

Each guest will learn about and taste five of the best wines of the Casablanca or Colchagua Valleys—and the Maipo Valley will be added soon. “At Vinolia you can meet five winemakers, try five superior-category wines from five wineres in a single place at the same time during one single tour,”says Vinolia Manager Cristóbal Luna.

Vinolia also has an emporium and an extensive terrace area with food pairing options available for visitors to enjoy. This is a new alternative for those who want to learn about and taste Chilean wine as well as for  corporate meetings and group events.

Tours are available from Monday through Saturday at 4:30, 6:30, and 8:30 PM at Alonso de Monroy 2869, Local 5.