Wines of Chile presents "Taste the Unexpected" campaign at the Food & Wine Festival in Atlanta

The initiative aims to publicize the different styles of cabernet.

Through an important activation of its "Taste the Unexpected" consumer campaign, at the beginning of this month, Wines of Chile participated in the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, an initiative that aims to publicize the different styles of cabernet ( main Chilean variety consumed in the market,) bring the consumer to the category and generate engagement.

To do this, a brief consumption questionnaire was generated, where each person identified their palate, which was classified in one of the following three categories: Bold & Toasty - New World Style, Silky & Vibrant - Old World Style and Lush & Juice - In between both Styles.

Once his "taste profile" was identified, he was allowed to taste a product of that category, and then give him information about the wines available in the market according to his taste.

This activation has already been carried out in three festivals, Austin, Brooklyn and Atlanta, having a reach close to 2,000 people (22% reach) and generating an excellent reception by consumers.