A new version of the Annual Wine Assembly of Chile was successfully developed

The event, which took place in the Municipality of Vitacura, was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker; the new director of ProChile, Jorge O'Ryan and with the partners of the Association.

With the words "wine is a flagship product for Chile and pride for the country", Mario Pablo Silva, president of Wines of Chile gave the start to the 12th Annual Meeting of Members, which was held in the Municipality of Vitacura.

The meeting, which was led by the president of the union, Mario Pablo Silva, presented the 2017 balance, the management report of the previous year and future projects that are in process. In addition, the campaigns that are being carried out for the main international markets were exposed (Brazil, Canada, China, the United States and the United Kingdom).

With an important concurrence of vineyards and associations (among which National Agriculture Society, Fundación Imagen de Chile and the Wine Routes), and with the assistance of the Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker and the new director of ProChile, Jorge O ' Ryan, the president of the union, announced in regards to the 2017 balance that, although the objective was to be able to grow 3% in volume and 6% in value, this goal was finally exceeded, increasing by 5.8% and 6.4% respectively.

Regarding today, Mario Pablo Silva said that "we are having a better harvest than the previous year, without major setbacks from the climatic point of view, which is very positive because we are returning to normal production levels."

About the international market, the president explained that it has been fundamental - in recent years - the changes made around the focus and structure to enhance the product abroad. In the same way, he emphasized that the priority continues to be the promotion of high value wines and the importance of the country image. Additionally, he highlighted how the sustainability code became a global example, which obtained three international awards during 2017.

"In terms of exports last year was very challenging, the fall of the dollar generated enough instability and production costs increased enough. Despite this, we were able to see how the sector continued to advance in accordance with the plans outlined, "explained Silva.

For his part, the Minister of Agriculture stressed before the audience the professionalism and vision of the industry. "The challenge that remains for the wine sector is to improve average prices, to make, an activity as beautiful as this, be more profitable. For this, we want as a portfolio we want to become a partner for the business, being a friend and not a top stone, "said Antonio Walker.

"The private sector has done much more than what governments have done for wine. We have a great challenge of how to help them and push them to continue producing and generating jobs that dignify so many workers in the field. ", concluded the minister.