Magical Mystery Tour 2019

The activity includes the realization of 3 tastings, 3 walk around tastings, excursions, lunches / dinners, among others; where educational talks from our sector will be included.

A select group of buyers (23) from the focus cities of the United States (Tx, NY, Boston and DC) and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, WC) will be invited to live a unique experience in Easter Island where It will mix wine, gastronomy (fruits, salmon, nuts, oil, (...)

Carmenere Promotion

The activity will be done in NY / NJ / DC / BOS / TEX.

This activity seeks to give relevance to this variety in the month of its re-discovery. It is an activity that has been carried out a couple of years ago, in social networks with great success. This year we will try to give it a greater importance and make (...)

LCBO Food and Drink

The activity includes an advertisement in the magazine Food & Drink, magazine of the monopoly.

This activity seeks to generate visibility of Chilean wines in the LCBO during a period of high purchase of products prior to the festivities (November). It is sought with this to generate a thematic promotion "not official" category in this period of high (...)

Toronto Grand Tasting

It is an event that includes cultural aspects (cueca) and gastronomic (Chilean food) in order to deliver a complete experience of Chile.

Activity that takes place every year, which has been very successful and that includes the participation of a consumer and a very high level of trade. It attracts the attention of the wine world in Ontario, recognized and long-awaited activity. In 2016 it h (...)

The Art of Wine (South Korea)

The sommeliers will compete among themselves to persuade the attendees about the qualities of the wine or the vines they represent.

In South Korea, sommeliers have positioned themselves as a benchmark in the market; strong influencers in the Trade and among consumers. That is why we will carry out an activity that involves them as ambassadors of the main vineyards of Chile, promoting th (...)