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Wines of Chile

On 20 April 2007 the Wines of Chile Association was born with the objective of unifying the efforts of the previous trade unions, Viñas de Chile A.G. and ChileVid A.G. We are a non profit union entity run privately that represents the viticultural producers of Chile.

Our principal missions are: to strengthen the viticulture industry, to promote Chilean wine in a national and international environment, to encourage research and development in new technologies, to promote the development of workers in the industry, and to be a meeting point for members.

Internal Market

Our mission is to let people know the treasures of our wine and create a culture of viniculture in the country and in the world. Focused on promoting responsible consumption and wine culture on a national level, training workers in the sector to achieve a certified working industry, and put into practise a solid, strategic communication plan in the long term.

We are looking to promote wine in the national market, with an attractive plan of educative activities and promotions that develop our country in the long term and improve and spread the wine culture in Chile and the benefits of moderate consumption.


The Wines of Chile ConsorcioI+D takes its origins from the wine consortiums VINNOVA (www.vinnova.cl) and TECNOVID, established through the first Technology Consortium Conference in 2005. Up until 2005 they achieved the establishment of a successful collaborative effort between companies and national technology entities.

I+D’s objective is to make it possible to scale economies in the administration of resources, offering a greater speed in sharing knowledge generated by the industry, and a better speed of adoption by the companies. One element of extraordinary importance for the country is the real possibility that small and medium-sized enterprises will adopt cutting edge technology in their operations, which will not happen if I+D only work with the big companies.


Eng: Quienes trabajamos en la asociación tenemos como objetivo:

  • Fortalecer la industria del vitivinícola, participando en el análisis y elaboración de políticas gubernamentales de fomento, tratados de libre comercio y normativas en las que tenga cabida el vino.
  • Promocionar el vino chileno en el ámbito nacional e internacional.
  • Impulsar la investigación y desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías y procesos en toda la cadena de valor de la industria.
  • Promover el desarrollo de los trabajadores de la industria, a través de la capacitación, la certificación laboral y las becas sociales.

Ser un punto de encuentro para los asociados, orientándolos en las diferentes fases del negocio sin afectar sus identidades propias



Mercado Internacional

Claudia Soler: csoler@winesofchile.org

Mercado Local

Elizabeth Díaz: ediaz@vinosdechile.cl

Consorcio I+D

Patricio Parra: pparra@vinosdechile.cl